Credit Builder

In the Dallas/Fort worth area Freedom Restoration Credit Services has established many business relationships that allow our clients the ability to open new credit lines.
These companies believe as we do, that bad things just happen to good people.
They know that we educate, advise and council our clients while in our program and realize that because of this they are less likely to default on loans.
No matter where you live in the country, there are companies available to you for this very same purpose.
We will help guide you in finding companies that will help you re-establish your credit profile in a more positive way.
Experts agree that removing negative credit is the fastest way to raise your score, however it is limited at best, and our main goal is to get you going in a more positive direction.

We learned early on that you can remove negative accounts all day long but a person must have a mixture of positive accounts or the overall outcome would be limited at best. Improving both sides of a clients credit report is the most effective way to achieve the best credit profile and score. It is the main reason our clients have said to us ” you have raised my score higher than it has ever been”
If you have a negative credit profile or a low credit score you need to do something about it now!
With our proven Credit Restoration Program the worst thing that can happen is to do nothing at all!


We, at Freedom Restoration Credit Services, promise to serve our clients to the best of our ability. We will only recommend the offers that fit your needs and are in your best interest. We will deliver honest advice and provide real solutions that make sense and are obtainable by each client. Each of our clients will receive the best customer service possible to deal with every situation. In life, everything that has to do with your finances, involves your credit reports. Freedom Restoration Credit Services, wants to be your personal credit manager, to assure you get the most out of your borrowed dollars. Life is full of ups and downs but having good credit is a life long commitment and we are dedicated to helping you no matter what your situation.

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