What to Expect

Our effective Credit Repair Service uses proven techniques that have been developed through years of trial and error; it is the most comprehensive and complete service available. We rely on our extensive experience with dealing with the CRA’s and creditors. Our knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, as well as, many other laws that protect consumers credit reports. We realize that sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. We have had great success helping people with all kinds of credit problems. These people have been able to qualify for new mortgages, new car loans, and meet their family’s credit needs after successfully completing our program.

What We Do and How We Are Different?

The Federal Trade Commission and The Consumer Credit Protection Act have enacted hundreds of regulations that credit reporting companies and collection agencies must comply with, in order, for any reported trade line information to remain on a consumer report after a requested investigation. When Freedom Restoration Credit Services receives your credit file, a skilled credit analyst reviews your reports to determine which items can be challenged that when removed will result in an improved credit profile and score. Freedom Restoration Credit Services, Inc. then challenges all derogatory items with a letter demanding the reporting company prove they are in compliance with the laws and regulations or correct and remove the challenged account. This process is repeated with each of the three major credit reporting agencies. When this process is complete, a report is sent from the CRA’s to the client detailing the steps that have been taken.

Within 30-45 days, the credit bureaus must send a verification or deletion summary to the client showing the results of each challenged account. Our overall average success rate is between 85- 95% of unverifiable derogatory items removed. Best of all, the items that tend to be removed first are those that do the most harm to your credit, such as bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, charge-offs, repossessions and student loans. We are also very successful at converting late paid accounts to positive which has a huge impact on increasing credit scores. While the full process can take as little as 4 months many clients see enough improvement in their credit scores to qualify for a mortgage or low interest car loan in as little as 45-60 days.

How Will I Get Updates on My File?

New credit reports with a summary of the investigation will arrive first at your home for review. Then you will mail the results to us at: Freedom Credit Services; PO Box 2977, Cedar Hill, Texas 75106.

When we accomplish deletions and improvements you will see them first. We ask that you follow the instructions and maintain contact with us during the credit restoration process.

Client Security

Freedom Restoration Credit Services, Inc. is committed to keeping your information private and secure. We have implemented several procedures to make sure this promise is kept.

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