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Real-estateOver the years Freedom Restoration Credit Services, Inc. learned that the majority of our clients were seeking our credit repair services to help them qualify for home loans. At the time, all we could do was get them ready to start looking for a home with an agent in the area where they lived. Many of our clients were unhappy with the agents they found and would continually ask us to help them in this area.

In 2005, our founder and President obtained a license to practice real estate in Texas. He partnered with several brokerages but eventually found a home with United Real Estate. United Real Estate and United Country Realty have thousands of real estate agents and offices in most states throughout the country. They are one of the oldest and now one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the country. No matter where you live from Alaska to Texas, we can find you a real estate professional to handle any type of property transaction. We also prepare clients to purchase properties that are represented by other real estate agents from all over the country. Many originally questioned whether it was a good idea for us to work with their clients due to possible conflicts of interest. Rest assured that Freedom Restoration Credit Services has never taken nor would we ever agree to represent a client that belongs to another agent. We believe that it is unethical to do so and the rewards are not worth the risk of damaging our reputation. We have a company policy that we will give every client back to their original referring agent. This is made very clear from the beginning and we will not deviate from it at all. Most real estate agents quickly learned that working with us was also a positive because we can answer almost any question a client may have concerning a real estate transaction or its process. This comes in handy because agents may not be able to respond to a client’s question quickly because the agent is out showing properties to a current qualified client. We explain to agents almost every day, “just refer your clients to us for credit assistance and go close the ones you can today while we work to close this one in 45 to 90 days”

Here is an unexpected response from agents that use us on a regular basis throughout the years. They said they make on average $26,000.00 more a year on clients that could not buy a property before working with us. Besides an increase in earnings there is more to be gained by ensuring that every client has an opportunity to purchase a home. That is the referral to friends and relatives that there is a team of professionals working together to achieve their home ownership dream.

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